The 1800 Circle

Columns, I StaircaseNamed for the year of the founding of the College, this is a way to
recognise donors who make a significant donation of £1,800 or more in
a one-year period. Donors in The 1800 Circle will be invited, with a
guest, to a special luncheon in College each year to hear College updates
and, in particular, to see the projects that their generosity has helped to
fund. In addition, those who qualify for The 1800 Circle will be recognised
in a special section of the annual List of Donors.

What are the funds of The 1800 Circle used for?

A donor can qualify for The 1800 Circle by giving to any of the College priorities in Downing’s Catalysis Campaign. However, if a donor is undecided, donations will benefit the Student Support Fund, in which a percentage will be applied to an endowed fund to help students in the future and a percentage will be spent on students in need of financial assistance now. Donations to the Student Support Fund will help the students of today as well as tomorrow.

What is the Student Support Fund?

Today’s students face an increasingly uncertain future with rising tuition fees and most will take on substantial debts to fund their university education. Donations to the Student Support Fund via The 1800 Circle will be used to provide bursaries to allow students in financial need to continue studying at the College. This Fund and your donation can make a real difference to the lives of young people. Supporting our students, regardless of their financial means, is one of the key objectives of the College’s Catalysis Campaign.

Will Gift Aid count for The 1800 Circle?

Yes, donors in The 1800 Circle will be recognised for their gross donation, including Gift Aid. So a donation of £1,440 in one year (or £120 per month) will result in a total donation of £1,800 with Gift Aid. This donation and any amount above it would qualify the donor for The 1800 Circle in that year.

Do I have to do this every year?

Certainly not. The 1800 Circle is designed to recognise donors who have made a special effort on behalf of the College in one particular year, as opposed to a cumulative total over time. Donors will be recognised in The 1800 Circle for any and all years in which they have made a donation at or above this level.

Do I have to give to The Student Support Fund?

You can give to any fund. Any donation of £1,800 or more within one year to any purpose in the College will qualify for The 1800 Circle. 






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