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"I give regularly in recognition of the fantastic opportunities that the College provided. Unrestricted financial support is, for me, a way to say “thank you”. But I feel it’s also an investment to safeguard, for the next generation, an education that is increasingly under threat."

"The variety of opportunities available at Downing helped me so much to prepare for the challenges of life afterwards. I believe that future generations deserve that chance too, and have therefore never specified where my gifts should be used, rather leaving it to the College to decide where it would be best spent."


This year at Downing College we are celebrating Regular Giving

Regular giving is extremely important to us, making a big difference to our ability to offer the brightest and most talented students the distinctive educational opportunities that lie at the heart of an education at Cambridge. Membership of a College community encourages the exchange of ideas, enhances teaching and learning, and offers the wider cultural, sporting and personal experiences that last through life. By choosing to make a monthly, quarterly or annual gift, donors are helping us to make long-term commitments to the development of the College.

Over the years, Downing has been transformed by the generosity of its major benefactors, with their contributions being recognised in the names on many of our most-familiar spaces and buildings. Surrounded by such obvious generosity, it can be easy for the majority of alumni to wonder how a more modest contribution can make a difference. At present, 578 individual alumni and supporters of Downing make a regular gift to the College, raising just over £500K in the last financial year. Gifts are made at every level, but most importantly, they allow us to plan for the future because we know we will always have a steady income stream upon which we can rely. By becoming a regular donor, you will be showing your support for Downing and your belief in our core purpose, to provide a world-class education to the students with the most potential, whatever their means or social background.

You don’t have to restrict your gift to a specific project, you can become a regular donor by supporting any of the College’s Funds, including the general endowment or the unrestricted fund. Some of our Regular donors have been giving to Downing consecutively for 10, 20 and even 30 years. The images used here show a selection of the recent projects their support has helped to fund. To find out how to become a regular donor, or to sign up for a Direct Debit, please contact the Alumni & Development Office by email ( or by telephone (01223 334850).

"It is good to know that, as organ scholar from 1965-68, Downing now possesses an organ and choir more than worthy of note (excuse the pun…)"

“I always feel ‘at home’ at Downing and it is lovely to be welcomed back. I lived on N staircase in 1982. It was very different then: one loo and bath between every 8 people, and an extremely basic Gyp Room. It is fantastic to keep seeing the investment the college is making to ensure its buildings are all now of the highest standard!”

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