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As a Downing graduate, you are part of a diverse and vibrant community of thousands of alumni. The Alumni & Development Office works to maintain a lifelong link between you and Downing after you’ve graduated. We offer you many opportunities to make your relationship with the College both meaningful and rewarding through regular events, reunions and communications.

The Alumni & Development Office

Downing College, Cambridge, CB2 1DQ. Tel: 01223 334850 Email: development@dow.cam.ac.uk

Alumni & Development Office Staff


Director of Engagement & Development Operations


Senior Development Manager

 Cat Middleton    Susan Esden
 Tel: 01223 769466    Tel: 01223 334825
 Email: cm475@dow.cam.ac.uk    Email: sal53@dow.cam.ac.uk

Events Officer


Development Officer

 Rachel Kirkley    Tom Hammond
 Tel: 01223 334828    Tel: 01223 334864
 Email: rmw46@dow.cam.ac.uk    Email: th530@dow.cam.ac.uk

Development Administrator

 Claire Varley    
 Tel: 01223 334850    
 Email: cav10@dow.cam.ac.uk    

Development Ambassador Fellow

 Dr Sarah Kennedy    



Foot of Hall portico and garden

Alumni & Development, Downing College, Cambridge CB2 1DQ. Telephone 01223 334850· Email development@dow.cam.ac.uk