Specification of the New Organ

Great (manual I) 7 stops  
Open Diapason 8 basses in prospect
Stopt Diapason 8 wood throughout
Principal 4  
Fifteenth 2  
Sesquialtera II  2⅔  
Mixture IV  1⅓  
Trumpet  8  
Swell (manual II)  6 stops  
Gedackt  8 wood bass, metal treble
Salicional 8  
Principal 4  
Chimney Flute 4  
Gemshom 2  
Hautboy 8  
Pedal 3 stops  
Sub Bass 16 stopped wood
Principal 8 open wood, bearded
Bassoon 16  
Swell to Great    
Swell to Pedal    
Great to Pedal    


Mechanical (tracker) key action to all manual divisions and pedal organ, employing wooden trackers, squares and backfalls, and aluminium rollers with wooden arms. Compensating action tensioning will be fitted to maintain a constant depth of key touch at the keyboards.

Electric stop and combination actions

Console accessories

Six thumb pistons to Swell
Six thumb pistons to Great
Reversible thumb pistons to all couplers
Six toe pistons duplicating Swell thumb pistons
Six toe pistons to Pedal
Reversible toe pistons to Sw-Gt and Gt-Ped

Combination system

Capture system with 200 levels of memory for the general pistons and 9 levels of memory for the divisional pistons, with digital display


Three manual keyboards C-a 58 notes
Natural coverings of fine quality Bone and sharps of Ebony

Pedalboard C-f 30 notes
of Oak with Maple sticks and Ebony overlay on the sharp keys
Radiating and concave to RCO/ISOB dimensions

Stop knobs

of Blackwood, with inset disc of white bone resin to carry the engraving

Swell Pedal
Balanced swell pedal with direct mechanical linkage controlling vertical swell louvres.

Adjustable organ bench.


A new organ case will be designed and made along the lines already submitted. The organ case will be of Oak, with carved pipe shades.


Slider soundboards to our proven designs, incorporating self adjusting slider seals, and fitted with heavy duty slider solenoids for stop control.


New pipework will be provided throughout, scaled and appropriately voiced for the acoustics of the Chapel and tonally finished in the building.


The new electric blower will be sited in the lower part of the organ, at the back. The organ will be winded with a single rise bellows to the Pedal division and schwimmer regulators to the Great and Swell, with wooden wind trunks throughout. The tremulants will be adjustable for speed and pulse.

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