Previous Campaigns – the Hopkins Parry Fellowship

In John Hopkin's study

Over the course of many years, Downing has come generally to be recognised as the finest law College in Cambridge.  It consistently produces a high level of achievement in Tripos and is also respected for the significant numbers of graduates who have gone on to become prominent solicitors, benchers of their Inn, QCs, High Court Judges, Chancellors of Dioceses and writers of authoritative text books.

As the retirement of John Hopkins, Fellow of Downing College, approached, Downing alumni decided to raise money for an endowment to show their gratitude to him and to Downing. The endowment supports a Downing College Law Fellowship, providing a platform for the College’s tradition and success in law to continue.

John would have liked the Fellowship to be called the Parry Fellowship in honour of the late Professor Clive Parry, the international lawyer who gave so much distinction to Downing's law teaching and who was John’s own mentor, as well as that of many other Downing law graduates. Another view prevailed, however, and the Governing Body decided that the endowment would support the Hopkins Parry Fellowship.

By the time of John Hopkins’ retirement in 2004, over £1,000,000 had been raised to endow the Hopkins Parry Fellowship in perpetuity.

The incumbent Hopkins Parry Fellow is Dr Brendan Plant, who teaches international law, tort and contract as well as serving as Director of Studies for the LLM and MCL students.

We are obliged to Sir Eli Lauterpacht and the Faculty of Law of the University of Cambridge for their kind permission to use the photograph of Professor Clive Parry.

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