2016 Telephone Campaign

Each year, during the Easter vacation, a number of Downing’s graduate and undergraduate students take part in the College’s fortnight-long Telephone Campaign. It is a vital aspect of the College’s Development Programme, and this year the campaign ran between 3 and 17 April.

The team of callers updated Members with the latest news from Downing and with any recent developments, and discussed ways in which you could help us safeguard the future of the College and make it possible for us to continue to educate the brightest and most talented young people of today.

Our excellent team of student callers had, like you, benefited from the generosity of Downing alumni, and we were very proud to have them as our ambassadors. Our students always have a fantastic time speaking to Old Members about current College life and love to hear your stories about your time at Downing.

It is always a pleasure to see the overwhelmingly positive response to our telephone fundraising campaigns and the generosity shown by our alumni. This year, we asked for support in a number of areas. The major development work on Battcock Lodge (formerly Parker’s House) and First Court is now complete and The Heong Gallery has opened with its first exhibition. However, the fundraising for this ambitious project will continue in 2016.  Following the ‘sell out’ success in last year’s telephone campaign, we were delighted to be able to offer a very small number of additional brick-naming opportunities, and also the chance to name benchplates in First Court. In addition, we were seeking support for the College’s new Arts Fund to support the cultural programme in Downing and to maximise the potential of our outstanding facilities. Finally, a gift to the College’s unrestricted fund, or to student support, would help us to meet our goal of ensuring that no-one who would benefit from an education at Downing is excluded from doing so purely on the basis of financial need.

Every gift matters, and we thank all Members who felt able to support Downing in the 2016 Telephone Campaign.

With very best wishes,

For more information, please contact Donna Thomas (Development Manager) on 01223 762060 or dt396@dow.cam.ac.uk

Donna Thomas

Alumni & Development, Downing College, Cambridge CB2 1DQ. Telephone 01223 334850· Email development@dow.cam.ac.uk